Forge beer can and glass

Forge-d in Clare

During lockdown when we were all confined to our own 5km radius we really took the time to notice and appreciate our environment. Walking past the Centurial Sphere as you enter the town of Ennis everyday led us to Conor Murray, the 5th generation blacksmith from The Forge in Kilkee. The brewery was very quiet at the time so we took inspiration from the west Clare man and forged a new beer of our own.

This New England style IPA is a hazy fruit bomb and totally different from the west coast bitter, resin and piney IPAs we had been brewing, emphasising the fruity profile of the hops as opposed to the more bitter flavours. It was so good that we finally got around to brewing it again.

The beer itself pours a hazy orange colour. The combination of hops create a delectable aroma of passionfruit and lime zest. The passionfruit carries through to the flavour culminating in an earthy, spicy finish to this full bodied beer.

And it is going in cans and available online now. So if you missed it the first time, make sure you get in early as we expect it to go fast.